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contributions to our city. and we are especially blessed with maryann honoring us with her presence. it's not that easy for her to get around these days but she has and continues to be part of an incredible twin sisters. but now she's also missing vivian as much as we are and we felt this would be a proper way to create a celebratory atmosphere on how we miss vivian, how much she meant to us and take this opportunity for arbor day to plant this tree in her name. how is that, maryann for a great celebration? >> wonderful. i know my sister from heaven is watching. >> all right. she said vivian is up there applauding us and we have a great time of celebrate. ing. with that, supervisor lee, you should know, it's always been under dispute as to who is supposed to be responsible for this piece of land. was it the highway folks, the residents who built their homes here, was it dpw, we are trying to gift it to rec's and park for nothing because it's an incredible responsibility. look at how beautiful this place it. we do keep it up. it does barrier the intense traffic that we deal with here. i
the prefunding was passed in and the others, tony and maryann on our leadership team have done an excellent job shepherding this five-year plan in place. what we can do with that, any scenario, run it through the model. we're looking at things now and trying to look ahead and that's why we propose things like efined retirement employee systems. the key thing is knowing what's in that bill, having some influence in doing it the right way. trying to push the things in that five-year plan and i tell you we'll have a successful postal service for the long term. >> several questions on the ricin letters from this week. what's the latest on the test of the substance, what do we know that might be new in that? >> i'm going to tell you what i know pretty much. i think that i'm plowed -- allowed to say. the ricin was mailed by some fellow down there in mississippi known from what we understand the way it came through the system, our best information right now is it's in a format that you'd say kind of roughly broken up. it's not something that either came out of the envelope or not something that came o
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)